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Furniture Restoration

We repair & refinish all kinds of furniture and interior woodwork. We take great pride in bringing fine woodwork back to life.

Heirloom Furniture
Heirloom pieces can be restored to their former glory by carefully refinishing them. We also offer fine wood treatments to enhance the appearance without disturbing the original finish.
Wood has the incredible ability to withstand time. When cared for properly, heirlooms can be enjoyed & passed on for many generations.

Refacing & Reveneering Furniture
Many great pieces of fine furniture become worn out beyond simple repair & refinishing. We can reface & reveneer the damaged surfaces to restore your furniture to its original beauty.

Custom Stains & Finishes
At Fernweh we are highly skilled at color matching stains & finishes. We can create a one of a kind custom look for you. When it comes to beautiful color, stain doesn’t get all of the credit. We often artfully apply beautiful tones in our finishes to create a unique three dimensional shine & effect.

We offer a wide variety of stains & finishes, everything from a basic stain & finish to a high end custom specialty finishes.​​

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