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Choosing your sheen

Sheen should be based on how much traffic the area receives.

The type of finish or sheen you choose also has an effect on the color.


Flat​ is a very low-sheen paint with a non-reflective appearance that's ideal for low traffic areas and ceilings. A flat sheen absorbs reflected light, which is ideal for creating a soft appearance on the surface. Flat has a chalky appearance in finish, since it absorbs light, and can make a color look slightly lighter. If you have multiple projections of lighting and wish to mute the effect, flat paint will create a muted glow.

Flat and Matte sheens are not recommended for high traffic areas because they will develop noticeable marks & scuffs. As a rule, we never recommend flat sheens for kitchens, bathrooms or other high traffic areas. 

(note: Flat is often recommended to cover flawed wall surfaces. While this does work to hide flawed surfaces, at Fernweh we take special care to prepare and repair surfaces to achieve a smooth finish. Please consider this if you have flawed wall textures, you can choose from any sheen... we can make it work.)


Matte is also a very low-sheen paint with an easy-clean, non-reflective appearance that's ideal for low traffic areas and ceilings. Like a flat sheen Matte also absorbs reflected light, and can also make colors appear lighter.


Eggshell has a soft, rich velvety appearance that withstands moderate traffic. It has an elegant low sheen creating a muted feel while beautifully revealing rich colors. Eggshell is a great choice for moderate traffic areas such as dining rooms, family rooms, elegant spaces, halls & bedrooms.


Satin has a pearl-like appearance, and is perfect for moderate to high traffic areas or areas that have some exposure to moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms & basements. It's surface is durable and easy to clean.

​Satin is also beautiful on cabinetry, trim, mantels & doors. It is a perfect choice if you desire a rich sheen without to much shine.


Semi-Gloss is perfect if you desire a sleek, radiant sheen. The sheen will reflect the light, causing the color to appear darker. Semi-Gloss is great for cabinets and trim, high-traffic areas and high-moisture areas.


Hi-Gloss Enamel creates a brilliant, light reflecting appearance with a glass-like finish. Hi-Gloss is a unique sheen and when applied correctly can add richness and depth to any color, it can also make the color appear darker. This is ideal for high-use surfaces, it's very easy to clean.  Hi-Gloss will appear beautifully smooth when the prep work is immaculate, If the surface is flawed these flaws  will readily show.

​If you love the look of high gloss but feel your project surface is too flawed to choose it, don't be intimidated by this, we can fix any surface. (walls, trim, floors, furniture, etc.)

What About Other Sheens and Finishes?

​There are other ways to achieve custom sheens and fun trendy finishes. To mention a few:

Suede (Brushed Suede)

​Suede walls are unique to the sheen world, we use a few different products achieve this mock suede effect. This would be a flat sheen effect, it's rough surface can be easily cleaned using a soft scrubbing brush and patted dry.This look is best suited to a feature wall and looks grand in rich or med/dark muted colors. Our favorite rooms in brushed suede are offices and studies.


​crackle paint has its unique abilities, there are many different ways to utilize its effect. It can be used with any sheen desired and can be adjusted for crackle size and appearence. Our favorite modern use of this is to layer over special hues, black flat, glow effects or over metallic paints. Kids don't get all the fun, this look can be used to create a unique modern twist in any room.

Multiple Sheen Applications

​This is an easy way to make a unique look. A matte painted wall can be layered with stripes, dots or geometric patterns of the same exact color in a semi-gloss/ gloss sheen and the effect with stand out. Our eyes perceive the gloss to appear darker or richer at certain angles. Our favorite use of this is with stencils in bedroom feature walls, baby nurseries, custom closets and fun offices. 

Glazed or Rubbed

​Glazing effects are a fun way to make your wall texture pronounced. We love using this on special wall textures to make it really pop. Glazing can be any sheen or opaqueness, our favorite glazing effect is when applied over detailed millwork, cabinetry details and ornamental details.


​Metallic paint has a unique kind of sheen. This ageless look is continuing to be a trend in contemporary, classical and traditional décor. We love this reflective look on smooth ceilings in neutral earth tones.  

Venetian Plaster (Polished Plaster)

​Polished plaster dates back many thousands of years. And for good reason, it's incredibly durable and stunningly beautiful. When polished its surface shines like that of marbled halls. We adore this look in many ways, it's elegance is simply ageless.

Wood Stain & Finishing Consultation

​​If you require assistance with choosing the stain, color and product choice of your finishing project, we are here to help.

​We can help you to choose the best hue and tint to complement or match your existing woodwork.

Finishes come in a wide variety of textures, sheen and effects. We are highly skilled with all aspects of fine finishes and can help guide you to the best option for your needs.

We also provide custom samples for our projects to help you decide.

​Existing woodwork in home can be refinished or restored to look just like new.

​If you're looking to finish a woodworking project  yet find it daunting to DIY, give us a call.. we can help. 

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​​The right paint & color will not only protect the interior & exterior of your home or business. But it can also help you express your personal style, improve curb appeal, and in some cases increase the value of your property.

Whether you want to create a calm and neutral color scheme or a bold decorating statement, choosing those colors can sometimes be overwhelming. 

We can help guide you to choosing the right paint & color for your project, we will give you all the inspiration and advice you need to create your own unique look. All within the comfort of your home.

First we make a pre-appointment phone call with you to discuss your project and goals. This will help you to make the most of your time with during paint & color consultation once in your home.

Second we schedule a in home visit with our paint & color consultant to discuss your decorating plans, favorite colors and ideas.


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